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You Name It


Leni Fried Designs specializes in relieving bike identity problems. Her therapy consists of hand drawn paint jobs that personalize your bike. Sound Good? Give Leni a call at 413 634 5591. Paint jobs can be composed right over the phone.


1. I just need my bike painted red, can you do that?
No. I do not do any spray painting.I subcontract that out. My specialty is personalizing your bike.For example if you wanted pictures of your training regimen and favorite trails with maps to them all painted by hand on top of the red background that would be an appropriate job for me. Here is how the process works:

a. Up close & personal phone interview: I read your mind & come up with the perfect theme for you and your bike. Then I look into your previous lives and come up with the background color for the artwork.

b. The frame is sent to John at Underground Cycles to be painted with a high quality Imron paint.

c. When I get the bike back from John I do the hand painting. This is done with a combination of very fine brushes , technical pens, silk screening, sponges,or whatever technique is appropriate to the theme. Each job is different and is treated that way.

d. When the artwork is done I send the bike back to John and it is clear coated with up to 10 coats of clear. This looks gorgeous and makes the end result look like you are really looking into the artwork .

3. Can you do any kind of bike?
Yes.I can do any brand of frame and any material. I can refinish a used frame. I have had carbon fibre, aluminum and even titanium frames repainted and personalized. In fact if you want something other than a frame personalized I can do that too, i.e. cars, motorcycles, stereo components helmets, pumps, lunch boxes!!

4.How much does it cost?
Prices have ranged from from $1000-$15,000. The upper limit is always changing. I come up with a price range once I’ve talked to you for awhile. All prices are confirmed before I start, so there are no surprises. A deposit is required when you send the frame and as I get closer to finishing the rest is sent or else I send the frame C.O.D.

5. How long does it take?
This depend on how busy I am and how involved the theme of the paint job is. The least amount of time has been 2 weeks. The most has been 2 months. Once we nail down the details of your job and you send the deposit I give you a time frame.

6. How do I order?
All you have to know is that you want to have your bike personalized. You don’t have to know what the theme or imagery will be. People are often intimidated by that part. Just give me a call and I’ll do the rest!
Call Leni @ (413) 634-5591.

7. What are some of the themes that you’ve done?
All terrain map of the world, Martial arts, ninjutsu battle scene, aerial view of K-2 mountain range with Scotsman riding a Canada goose on the headtube, dragons, angry frogs, elephants, skulls, Connie Youngs’ training regimen, tropical fish, bridge building in N.Y.C. trail clearing tools and favorite riding areas. The skys the limit!!